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Fort Pitt is a selective girls’ grammar school steeped in tradition but with a modern outlook. We are a vibrant, diverse and happy school, with high expectations and great ambitions for every one of our students. However, now, more than ever this needs to be balanced with ensuring the well-being of our students. As such our pastoral care is first-class and students feel supported and cared for. We recognise that each child is unique and want them to know they are loved and valued. They are our greatest asset and they are supported by a team of staff dedicated to motivating, guiding and challenging each one of them to be the best they can be. We believe that working closely with parents is essential if we are to be the best school possible for every child in our care.



Fort Pitt Grammar School promotes and upholds key British values in every aspect of its organisation and curriculum. The school operates no separate policy in order to guarantee compliance with the UK Government’s guidelines on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC). Rather, SMSC – and the British values it encompasses – is embedded into every part of Fort Pitt’s practice.

Fort Pitt recognises the multi-cultural, multi faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom. It also understands the vital role it has in ensuring that groups or individuals within the school are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by those wishing to unduly, or illegally, influence them.

It follows equal opportunities guidance which guarantees that there will be no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status, or similar. Fort Pitt is dedicated to preparing students for their adult life beyond the formal examined curriculum and ensuring that it promotes and reinforces British values to all its students.

The five British Values are:

  • Democracy

  • The rule of law

  • Individual liberty

  • Mutual respect

  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Below is a brief summary, with concrete examples, of how the school upholds these five values in its daily practice.


Our house system offers an induction into the processes of representative democracy for every student at Fort Pitt. Each house has a sixth form House Leadership team elected by the whole school. In lessons across the curriculum, students learn about the unique benefits that democratic political systems confer upon their citizens.



The importance of laws, whether they be those that govern the class, the school, or the country, are consistently reinforced at Fort Pitt School. A behaviour policy with a clear statement of sanctions and rewards provides the framework within which every student must conduct herself. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to participate in various teams across the school, where they can learn first hand the organisational structures that deliver positive outcomes for the wider community.


At Fort Pitt, students are actively encouraged to make independent choices, with the knowledge that they are in a safe, secure and supportive environment. Staff at Fort Pitt educate and provide boundaries for students to make informed choices, through a safe environment and an empowering education. A well-established enrichment programme, offering a wide range of extracurricular clubs, encourages students to express themselves according to their interests and talents.



Fort Pitt students learn that their behaviour has an effect on their own rights and those of others. All members of the school community treat each other with respect and this is reiterated through its teaching and learning environments, over which students are expected to exercise leadership and responsibility.



Students are actively encouraged to share their faith and beliefs within the school and celebrate festivities throughout the calendar year. The Philosophy and Ethics curriculum, which is compulsory for all students up to the end of KS4, provides a broad and balanced education on a range of faiths, religions and cultures. Assemblies foster the spiritual value of silence and reflection, encouraging students to meditate upon the stories and success of role models from all walks of life.





Deputy Headteacher/DSL

Deputy Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher/DDSL

Associate Assistant Headteacher


Mr A Dean

Miss A Pledger

Miss R Bates

Miss J Dance

Mr L Jennings

Mr N Blight

Mrs H Ware

Mr A Scott

Head of Year 7

Head of Year 8

Head of Year 9

Head of Year 10

Head of Year 11

Head of Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form



Art, Design and Technology

Business Studies and Economics

Computer Science





History and Politics


Modern Foreign Languages



Religious Studies





Miss V Melhuish

Mr C Bloxham

Mr R Pitman

Mrs T Reeves

Mrs A Page

Mrs R Hayward

Mrs N Smith

Mr T Morgan

Dr S Facey

Mr D Higbee

Mrs C King

Mrs H Ware

Ms L Harvey

Mrs S Doran

Miss L Hillman

Dr F Vesey

Mrs S Doran


Attendance Officer

Student Support Manager

Student Support Manager/DDSL

PA to the Headteacher

Sixth Form Manager/Administration

Site Manager

Reprographics Technician

Student Support Manager/DDSL

Apprentice Administration

Assistant Site Manager

Office Manager/Admissions Officer

Cleaning Supervisor

Examinations & Data Manager

Desktop Support Technician

Student Wellbeing Lead/DDSL

Assistant Site Manager

Senior IT Technician

Year 7 Student Lead/DDSL

Mrs J Benavente

Ms T Boozer

Mrs M Brown

Mrs M Burling

Mrs S Button

Mr G Couchman

Mr R Fryer

Mrs D Hemington

Ms L Howard

Mr P Hunt

Mrs A Jeffreys

Mrs J Keeble

Mr M Maple

Mr F Marsden

Miss C St Clair

Mr M Tierney

Mr M Thompson

Miss R Wiltshire-Hale



Clerk to the Trustees

Trust Estates Development Manager


Trust IT Manager

Executive Business Director

Mr A Minchin

Ms C Bailey

Mr A Berry

Mr S Rayner

Mr M Bushell

Mrs D Zlateva



We hope that your visit will be enjoyable, informative and safe. Please help us by reading and complying with the guidance contained within this webpage, which is intended to ensure your health and safety whilst at Fort Pitt Grammar School. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff who will be happy to help. 



All visitors and contractors coming into the school must sign in at Reception using our electronic system. Please ensure your visitors pass and lanyard are clearly visible at all times. 

If you are working unsupervised with students, you will be asked to produce your DBS certificate or details thereof, together with proof of identification, i.e. passport or driving licence. Without this you may not be granted access.



Visitors may not use mobile phones to take photographs of the school, staff or students.

  • Your host will explain what to do in the case of emergencies and fire alarms

  • The alarm is a continuous bell. You must leave the building by the nearest fire exit

  • Stay with your host as they will escort you to the assembly point and ensure that you are recorded as present

  • Do not take any personal risks

  • You must not re-enter the building until told it is safe to do so.

  • The school has a lockdown procedure that is used in emergencies only. This only happens when there is an immediate threat to staff and student safety 

  • When lockdown occurs, a continuous siren sounds and will not stop until we are confident that students and staff are safe 

  • Please follow staff guidance if a lockdown situation does occur and await further instructions from Fort Pitt staff who will take you to the nearest safe place. 


If you need first aid or feel unwell please report to Reception where you can be seen by a qualified first-aider. 

  • Contractors must ensure that they follow any health and safety guidelines that may apply. By doing so, you will assist us in meeting the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

  • Contractors working within school hours must hold a valid DBS enhanced disclosure certificate and produce a copy or details thereof.


Fort Pitt Grammar School operates a no smoking policy. Please do not smoke or vape anywhere on the school site. If you do wish to smoke, then please leave the school site and away from any school signage. 

  • All vehicles and their contents are left at the owner’s risk

  • Please observe the speed limit of 5mph anywhere on the school site 

  • Please follow the one-way arrows and signage at all times, displaying disabled badges if using a disabled parking bay.


Fort Pitt is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We strive to ensure that consistent and effective safeguarding procedures are in place to support families, students and staff at school. The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Andrew Ost (Deputy Headteacher). Safeguarding issues can also be raised with any Head of Year, Mrs M Brown (Pastoral support KS3), and Mrs D Hemington (Pastoral Support KS4).

Safeguarding legislation and government guidance states that safeguarding means:

  • Protecting children from maltreatment

  • Preventing impairment of children’s health or development

  • Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care

  • Taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcome

All staff receive annual Child Protection and Safeguarding update training and are aware of the procedures for passing on concerns within school. Their training includes recognition of the fact that it is everyone’s responsibility to RECOGNISE and RESPOND to any concerns about the welfare of a child or young person. More specifically they learn of:


  • ​The steps they must take to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students with whom they are in contact

  • How to respond appropriately to disclosures and concerns

  • How to make appropriate decisions and take appropriate action in a safeguarding situation

  • The rules concerning confidentiality, and how to record and share information

  • Changing responsibilities in the area of child protection

Should you be visiting the school:

​Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Do not initiate verbal or physical contact with students unless it is appropriate and a part of the agreed reason for your visit

  • Do not give any personal information to students, such as your mobile number or email address

  • Do not give students details of your personal social network accounts or engage in any communication with students using social networking sites.

If a student makes a disclosure to you, do not promise confidentiality; explain that you will need to talk to someone else. Inform the designated senior person for child protection.


Emergency Contact Numbers

Fort Pitt Reception: 01634 842359

Site Team: 07828 805 783

Medway Safeguarding Children Partnership (MSCP): please contact Medway Children's services directly on 01634 334466 (out of hours 03000 419 191), or click here to access their online referral form.

NSPCC Whistleblowing: email: or call 0800 028 0285

If any members of the school or local community have concerns about the welfare of a student in the school, please pass them on to the Safeguarding team at 


If an allegation is made against a member of staff, this should be reported to the Headteacher via or to the Chair of Governors if that allegation relates to the Headteacher


For further information please refer to our policy and procedures section

Thank you for helping to keep Fort Pitt Grammar School safe.

If you have an emergency safeguarding issue and cannot contact the school, contact the police directly on 101



Pastoral Care is concerned with the promotion of pupils’ personal and social development and wellbeing. Through our pastoral care provision we demonstrate our continuing concern for our students actively encouraging them to be safe, successful and a fully participating member of the school and wider community.

We firmly believe that happy students are successful students and at Fort Pitt Grammar School we do our utmost to create a caring, sympathetic and inspiring environment in which the students can thrive.  Our committed team support and encourage every student to grow socially and academically. They are given opportunities to develop self-awareness, self-confidence and resilience which will equip them for adult life.  We seek to broaden the students’ aspirations and remove any barriers they may have to their achievement.


We daily promote safe, happy and supportive environment where students are regularly contacted to ensure they are:

  • Nurtured by staff to grasp opportunities at every stage of their development.

  • Provided with expert care and support when needed by form tutors, Heads of Year and non-teaching Pastoral Support Managers.

  • Learning to respect and accepting their responsibilities as global citizens.

  • Encouraged to develop into confident, well-balanced, resilient and intellectually curious young people ready to face the challenges ahead.

This is implemented through the high-profile importance of form tutoring, early help strategies for those struggling and the embedding of The Fort Pitt Values and the need to ensure that all students have equal access to the opportunities the school provides in order to raise student aspirations.



The team is available at 8am-4pm Monday to Thursday and 8am-3.30pm Friday. We can be contacted via the main school number 01634 842359 and ask for the pastoral team or send an email to any of the above.





Whilst we are setting work for you using Teams and email it is also really important that you look after your own wellbeing.

Stuck indoors can seem quite attractive to start, but as the days go on we need to ensure some routine and build in some space for “me” time as well as family time.

Medway Children Services have provided advice (documents at bottom of the page) on managing your time and stress levels and alongside this we have collated some helpful apps which will advise and help you to look after your health and your well-being as well as continuing to work and study whilst at home. Whatever works for you – some of you may have your own routines or apps you have on your phone. This is not an exhaustive list but these have worked for other students in the past.

We also have a new should any student have emergency concerns about school work or your wellbeing.  This will be checked daily and we will try to get back to you on this as soon as possible.

Useful strategies to relax

  • Listening to music – Sing!

  • Watching a good film and laughing out loud!

  • Box sets!

  • Board games

  • Keeping a diary

  • Eating healthily and exercise outdoors where possible

  • Mindfulness breathing every day for 10 minutes: “Breathe in for 7 and out for 11”

  • Follow a guided meditation on line to help relax

  • Gym work out / Yoga (See Below For Free Yoga Exercises)

  • Study hard, help others and rest!

Useful websites with resources and apps to download

Key contacts apart from emailing teachers/support staff or the helpline

Beat eating disorders: 08088010711

Childline 0800 1111

Citizens Advice Bureau 01634 888182

Cruse Bereavement (RD4U) 01622 671011

MIND (Mental wellbeing charity) 0845 7660163

Kidscape (Personal Safety) 020 7730 3300

Medway Council (Social Services) 01634 306000

Medway Hospital 01634 830000

NHS Direct 111

NSPCC 08088005000

Samaritans 08457909090

Young Carers 01634 577340

Young Minds 08088025544

Finally – use this time to build bridges on social media – reconnecting with people and sharing happy messages….

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