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In November and December 2022, following an initial consultation exercise undertaken by Medway Council earlier in 2022, Fort Pitt Grammar School consulted with our staff, our parents/carers, our local authority and all local primary and secondary schools, regrading a switch to becoming a co-educational establishment. This would mean that the school would admit both boys and girls into Year 7. We are now consulting on a wider basis, with the intention of this change taking effect from September 2025.


We are proposing this change alongside Chatham Grammar School and Holcombe Grammar School, both of which are also planning to move to co-education from September 2025. The proposal is intended to balance the number of boys’ and girls’ places in Medway, and over time, to allow more Medway pupils to attend a grammar school.


This change will also reduce pressure on non-selective secondary schools, ensuring that there are enough places for all Medway pupils, whether or not they wish to attend a grammar school. Having more mixed grammar schools will mean that boys and girls places will be more evenly spread across Medway, and that pupils will not have to travel as far to go to school.


Medway Council had previously approved this proposal, and the outcome was published on 23rd August 2022. If you would like to view either their original proposal or the outcome of their consultation, please follow this link: Outcomes of consultation on proposals to move to co-educational provision.


We are now consulting with all relevant stakeholders for six weeks, from Friday 1st December 2023 until Friday 12th January 2024. Chatham Grammar and Holcombe Grammar will be consulting at the same time.


There are two separate consultations being run concurrently, linked to this change:


Consultation 1: Fort Pitt Grammar School to become a co-educational 11-18 establishment from September 2025. This consultation is a key part of our application to the Department for Education to make what is termed a “significant change” to the academy; that is, allowing boys to be admitted to the school.

Consultation 2: Fort Pitt Grammar School to amend its admissions arrangements, to admit boys into Year 7 from September 2025.  A copy of the proposed admissions arrangements can be found here.

We would like to invite you to share your views on both consultations, preferably by completing our online survey

You may alternatively share your views by emailing us at or by writing to me at the school address. If you choose to email or write, you must make clear whether you agree or disagree with each proposal, or have no preference.


If you would like to discuss this in person, myself and the Senior Leadership Team will be available, along with Mr Paul Clarke (Strategic Head of Education; Planning and Access, Medway Council) on Wednesday 13th December between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Please report to our Main Reception should you wish to speak to us in person.


The deadline for all responses is Friday 12th January 2024.


We look forward to hearing your views about these proposals.

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